Rare Macallan Whiskies Sell for $1 Million

We all love Macallan? So smooth words cannot describe, but when you’re faced with an entire collection of  beverages, it’s possible to lose your mind. So set of some of the brand’s rarest whiskies, housed in limited-edition Lalique crystal decanters, in an auction at Sotheby’s Hong Kong and watch what happens.

The final bid was $993,000 for this unique collection, raising the bar for whisky aficionados everywhere. The collection consisted of six marvelous decanters, as well as six miniature bottles from the Macallan’s Fine and Rare series, six pairs of exquisite Lalique whiskey glasses, and autographs from the Macallan’s master blenders.

This Macallan in Lalique Legacy Collection is the end of an era for it’s prestigious Six Pillars range has come to an end. The unique collaboration between the Macallan and Lalique was one of the most sought after by collectors.