The $200,000 Selfie

Yes, we all do it. Angle our heads, backs, bodies and limbs to try and capture that perfect selfie. The one that shows the maximum potential of a personal “highlight reel”. Everything needs to be in frame. Everything just so, so as to impress. To create envy. To bump up those likes, comments and FOMO. This is what happens when it all goes wrong. A woman attempting to grab perfection at The 14th Factory art installation in Los Angeles set off a domino effect, damaging around $200k in fine art. Likes don’t pay those bills. But a black card could.


“Greatest Day” Trip Costs Only $195,000 For Two People

Ever wanted to see Antartica but didn’t have the time but have the money? Well you can knock this adventure out for just under $200k with a one day trip. Hop a private jet with NASA astronaut Terry Virts from Cape Town, South Africa and land amongst the penguins (sort of). So what are you getting for that? All accommodation, food and drink (including all alcohol) in Antarctica, all guiding fees, support of field guides and logistics staff, use polar clothing, and payment of a ‘Carbon Tax’. Plus you get to ask an astronaut in person how they do their “business” in space. Best to see it all before it melts IMHO!

Gold Fidget Spinner Is World’s Most Expensive

We fidget. You fidget. We all fidget. Do we need a gold plated fidget spinner to pass the time between boarding and wheels up? Yes! Does it matter if it’s made by Russians? No! Could it be encrusted with diamonds and potential be engraved with a Russian flag? Yes the fist and probably no to the second part of that sentence. If you fancy a $16K fidget spinner look no further than Caviar Full Gold if you want the plane jane action. Need a little sparkle? Drop about $2K more and load it with some diamonds. Whatever you poison it’s a great time kill while you wait for the Xanies to kick in.