Dirty Bones Debuts “Instagram Kits” for Foodie Photo Opps

Do we dabble in food porn? YES! When you’re paying for it you might as well share for the envy of it. Finally someone has caught on to what the modern diner needs for a perfect post. Dirty Bones in NYC is now offering “Instagram Kits” to grab the best look of your bites. With your meal you get a portable LED light, a multi-device charger, a clip-on wide angle camera, and a tripod selfie stick. All this to capture that photogenic foie gras in real time. Well played Dirty Bones. Well played. If it looks good, it tastes good.

Photo: @AmitHPanchal

$78,000 Gets You a Seat in a Mansion With Wings

First class can be a drag…sometimes. Being only a few rows from the proletariate can be a tad bemusing. When you really want to ramp things up China’s Deer Jet is paving the way with it’s new five star luxury hotel with wings. If you want to get your Bill Gates on a seat on this will only cost you around $78,000. It’s tempting. It’s lavish. But there’s only one of these operating with another on the way by year’s end. It has all the right touches. Master suite with kind sized bed, white tiled shower and  60 minutes of hot water for that extra long soak. Hat tip to CNN for the a peak at the inside.