Steve McQueen’s “Le Mans” Porsche Set To Fetch $14 Million

How about some classic horsepower to go with your brunch and Rose’. Vroom! Vroom! After sitting in a barn for two decades a lovely piece of automobile history makes its way to this year’s Gooding and Company’s Pebble Beach auction. Used in Steve McQueen’s 1971 epic “Le Mans”, this Porsche 917K race car has been completely restored. If only we could restore Mr. McQueen to go with it. Am I right? Buckle up! Sunday August 20th this one goes on the block and is expected to fetch north of $14 million. You may now return to brunching.


Jay Z and Beyonce Rent $500k A Month Malibu Compound

We’re not always one for the celebrity gossip train but we couldn’t help ourselves with this one. A little Friday afternoon voyeurism from some of our faves to go with your drive or ride (we hope) out to Montauk. Jay-Z and our Queen Bee have landed in the most delish of spots to relax and recover post pregnancy. Yes for $500k a month we’d hope for a gilded fortress fit for modern royalty. It doesn’t disappoint. 10 beds, 14 baths and a $72M price tag seems adequate for the growing family to relax while looking out over the ocean in Malibu. Enough talking. How about a little video!