Luxury London Office Building Has a “Press for Champagne” Button

If people weren’t already cursing their boring white-walled stereotypical office buildings enough, London development firm – Enstar Capital has unveiled plans to build an office complex situated in the up-market locales of Soho. The £100 million complex will provide breath-taking amenities…like a button you can push for champagne.

Currently under construction and made up of sites at 40 Beak Street and 1-3 Upper James Street. Right in the heart of Soho. The goal is to create a ‘luxurious hotel-style features’, including food lifts which at the press of a button from the offices can bring champagne, cocktails, sushi or caviar from the ground floor restaurants.

Some other amazing finishes and services being offered are:

  • Spa-style executive washrooms – modelled on the Gansevoort Hotel in Manhattan
  • Uniformed Valet staff
  • Two ‘light-speed’ lifts which will travel up the building in just two seconds per floor
  • Walk out private terraces and balconies to the office space, pre-programmed switch-free lighting
  • Comfort cooling and heating
  • Public artwork in the form of a new frieze sculpture by sculptor Lee Simmons
  • ‘Bespoke’ finishes in the finest stone, terracotta and timber.

Yum, yum, yum. Now where’s the button we can push for more cowbell?