Ferrari Does Doughnuts in Russian Mall

You know you’ve thought about doing it yourself, right? Grab the keys to one of the whips and head off into the night. Mischief on your mind. On the night of April 10th, a Ferrari California with Aleksandr Donskoy a former mayor of Arkhangelsk decided to make your fantasy a reality in a mall in Moscow. Oh those crazy Russians.

“I love to joke,” Donskoy told Russia’s 360º television. “This is a comic performance, a way to attract attention, but unfortunately, not everyone accepted it as a joke.” Donskoy also told the media that the whole ordeal was his stab at “performance art,”. Not so much. Fortunately, the stunt was pulled off during the wee hours of the morning and there was no one else at the mall except for the security guards. He was later arrested, still insisting that it was “art” and not a “crime”.