Bang and Olufsen’s New Speakers Are High Design for High Taste

Some of the best speaker systems look horrible but sounds great. However, Enter Bang & Olufsen who has a newly launched BeoSound Shape which is their striking product yet. The BeoSound Shape speaker system appears like a wall art and the  wall-mounted modular design is based around a series of individual hexagonal tiles.  These can be clip together in a series of different patterns, fabrics and colors.

Behind each  grille there is  an amplifier, smart hub, speaker or acoustic dampers. The BeoSound Shape system requires a minimum of six tiles, but can be scaled up as needed. A connectivity hub hidden in one of the tiles that has the hardware for AirPlay, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, and Bluetooth 4.1, along with support for Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLink system. It is designed to produce audio that sounds like the listener is in the center of it no matter where they are in the room.

B&O says it produces ‘the sensation and spatiality of a live band performance.’ The dampener tiles are in place to absorb sound rather than reflecting them, helping the system deal with poor acoustic performance. The base system costs about $4,200 USD and includes a total of eight tiles, including four speakers, a couple dampeners, an amp, and the BeoSound Core.